Ron Spears with Dr. Phillipe Matthews aka Rev S.H.O.C.K. on the concept of Black Matter Lives

Ron Spears with Prof. Kaba Hiwatha Kamene - Author of Spirituality Before Religions and Shabaka's Stone

Ron Spears with Brother Andrew Muhammad on his show Hidden Truth in Europe

Ron Spears with Dr. Susan Tahah on her show Pan African Daily TV

My book is on the coffee table of 2 of the most beloved elders/scholars on African History & Art...HUMBLED

In KMT with the Great Dr. Leonard Jefferies aka Dr J

Praise from viewers of “The Metaphysicist & the Physicist”:
​​​​​​​This is perhaps the best foundational layout created in a very long time. - Emile S

This information made my day. This Month I made SEVENTY years old. Your lessons have changed my life and I am so GREATFUL. BLACK MATTER I AM. - Grandma G

Absolutely brilliant spirited first frequency First Call carry on my brothers. - Nile O

I was mentally inquiring about how to gain resources on how to raise my Vibration.... BOOM 15 mins later I get your Show notification. - Gerard

You all have been called by the ancestors to take your seat amongst the seat of the elders listening to this information. This is your homecoming! - Saiyanpryme

This was amazing. This has really helped me reevaluate the significance of changing my energy, to then change my situation. Dua Duau B1 Family! - V Conley

I really love you all! This is the stuff our schools need to have in it this is Black man’s school. There are no words to describe how you are changing my life and giving me understanding to what I am witnessing in this world. You give me hope! – Angela K

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