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Born and raised in Detroit, Ron Spears has dedicated his life to helping people embrace change through his gift of spoken word and storytelling. He has a Physics degree from Morehouse College in Atlanta and a masters’ in Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  The Moisture Experience contains several years of poems written about love, temptation, relationships and empowerment.

Life Coaching eBook and Spoken Word Projects

If the Moisture Experience has touched you in a special way, enhance the experience to make Life Coaching part of your daily routine through this comprehensive life coaching roadmap including an ebook to guide your journey and .mp3 audio tracks for daily meditation and encouragement.  The life coaching bundle product also includes the individual .mp3 spoken word tracks from the Moisture Experience so you can always listen to your favorite tracks. 

The Keys to Life ebook will enable you to take Action to address life's challenges (CAREER MARRIAGE  CHILDREN HEALTH) to achieve the HAPPINESS you deserve through GRATITUDE about past choices and circumstances.

Our quality of life is determined by our attitudes towards the circumstances from our past and the choices we make to secure a positive future for ourselves and our families.  Work/Life Balance is important which begins with reflecting on past choices and circumstances throughout the Learning phase and understanding their impact on the current quality of your life in the Working phase. The Keys to Life roadmap will help you find peace while preparing for the Living phase of life.  

Spears Consulting, Inc. - Digital Storytelling

Ron Spears has filmed a documentary and created a curriculum  about his experiences in Africa. The purpose of this product is for parents, teachers, churches and community organizations to empower young people and young adults about our rich African history and life skills.

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