Sankofa Leadership Model (CUSTOMIZED CURRICULUM)


Use this Rites of Passage and Life Choices curriculum to help youth to achieve success in life. If your mission is to empower and uplift our youth to achieve success, then purchase this curriculum to help them make better choices. Plus, receive a customized DVD of empowerment videos and customized participant guide with your organization's or child's name branded.  LEARN MORE



We are losing our children! Malcolm X once said that, “Armed with a knowledge of our past, we can with confidence, charter a course for our future.” We need Rites of Passage programs to teach our youth to embrace our past in order to understand our legacy and purpose in the world.   


In Traditional African culture, there are 4 major stages in everyone's life: Birth, Rites-of-Passage, Marriage and Death.  The missing element in African-American culture is the formal and structured ritual celebrating each child's passage into manhood and womanhood. 


 This curriculum is “ready to go” which includes print-ready rites of passage and life choices activities to engage youth in discussions about life.