Poems in the Key of Life is Ron’s first novel and a direct extension of his Rise Up CD as it expands the dialogue into the motivation behind the lyrics. This novel features two characters, a father and son having a long discussion about life over a bottle of cognac.  Throughout the discussion with his father, the son shares the outcome of an intense soul searching process that was revealed to him through poetry. Ron provides some insight into what he wishes to accomplish with his novel:
“Life is such a wonderful journey and I have been blessed with a gift to express my own reflections through the creative art of poetry.  The title of my novel is obviously a tribute to Stevie Wonder’s game-changing album.  My prayer is that these poetic memoirs shared within this touching story will have a similar impact that Stevie’s empowering lyrics had during a similar time of economic and social uncertainty.  Reading these poetic memoirs will help you find peace and balance in your personal and professional life.  There are so many forces active in destroying our life force and we must counter them with positive and empowering energy.   We all have the capacity to overcome negative circumstances and transform our lives by simply leveraging the greatest asset God has given us…the ability to think and make wise decisions to improve rather than destroy our quality of life.”

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