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Our products and services are designed to help a variety of customers from all walks of life:


  • We all experience challenges in life and look back at our past choices or circumstances to make sense of our current situation. Use this life coaching roadmap to help focus on specific challenge areas in your past and plan for a successful future. 
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  • As parents, our primary role in raising our kids is to prepare them mentally, physically and spiritually for adulthood…ideally in a safe, nurturing environment. Use our curriculum to expose your kids to life-changing knowledge in a structured format to cover all bases while including your own perspective and experiences.
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Student Organizations

  • As students, our primary focus is academic preparation for the workforce or further education in graduate school. Book Ron Spears to come speak to students about life choices and adding purpose to future endeavors. Use our curriculum to supplement academics with life skills needed to transition effectively into the workplace.   

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Mentoring Programs

  • As mentoring program leaders, the biggest impact our mentors have is simply spending time each month with their assigned mentees each month. Use our curriculum to add structure and a life planning focus to this relationship to maximize the impact your mentor can have on the mentees’ lives.

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  • As Corporate citizens, we have a responsibility to our employees and the communities around us. Partner with Ron Spears to incorporate products and services aimed at making a difference in the neighborhood you serve and preparing future employees/customers with better life choices. 

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Community Organizations

  • As Community leaders, the success and empowerment of our neighborhoods (physically, mentally and spiritually) is key to our survival. Book Ron Spears to come share presentations about his experiences in Africa and Life Choices. Use our curriculum to incorporate a Rites of Passage component to your existing program targeted at youth development.

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  • As educators, our greatest desire is to bring out the greatness that already exists within every student we encounter. Incorporate our curriculum to any appropriate class setting to expose students to empowering knowledge and life skills capable of transforming their thinking and motivation. 

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Musicians / Artists

  • As musicians and artists, we want nothing more than for our masterpieces to be understood and appreciated by the masses. Partner with me to add a spoken word element to your music or images to transform your gift into a movement.
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